Convenience and access to a large variety of brands and styles are provided by online shoe shopping. Finding the proper shoes without trying them on, however, might be difficult. Here are some things to think about to assist you decide wisely about purchasing shoes online from stores of E-commerce in Bangladesh.

  • The size of your feet

It’s critical to understand your foot size before beginning an online shoe search. A ruler or a measuring tape can be used to measure your feet at home. You must take measurements of both feet. Comparing your measurements to the brand’s size chart after taking them will help you determine what fits you best. By doing this, you can locate the proper size without having to deal with uncomfortable shoe returns.

  • Recognize the Brand’s Size Chart

Before making a purchase, it is important to comprehend the brand’s sizing chart because different brands may have different charts. To prevent any sizing concerns, please read the size chart for any brands that can run small or large.

  • Review and rate products.

Reading customer reviews and ratings might give you useful information about the fit and build quality of the shoes. Look for reviews that speak to the shoes’ sizing, comfort, and longevity. Look for reviews and ratings from customers who have feet that are similar to yours in terms of size and shape.

  • Think about the return policy.

The shoes might not fit or live up to your expectations, even after careful sizing and review evaluation. Read the brand’s return policy before purchasing. Search for companies with flexible return policies and free exchanges. Knowing that you may return or exchange the shoes if they don’t fit will give you peace of mind.

  • Look for discounts & deals

The availability of offers and discounts is one benefit of purchasing shoes online. Look for companies that provide discounts or free shipping for first-time consumers. Register for the brand’s email newsletter as well to receive updates on upcoming specials and promotions.

  • Chose the perfect website

With the continuous pandemic, internet buying has grown more and more common in today’s digital age and is even necessary. It is crucial to create a website that stands out and offers a superior buying experience given the abundance of online retailers.

Various payment options are available through Internet Shops in Bangladesh, including cash on delivery, internet banking, credit card, and debit card. You need to choose a payment method, which will suit your convenience and security. Check the shipping details, including the delivery window, shipping costs, and tracking possibilities.

Online shopping platforms must allow users to search for different products. If the shopping platform is well organized and has distinct product categories, then it will be very easy for the customers to look for the product with they require.


If done carefully and thoughtfully, buying shoes online can be a convenient and delightful process. Know your foot size, comprehend the brand’s sizing chart, study reviews, and ratings, think about the return policy, and search for specials and discounts before making a buy. You can find the ideal pair of shoes without leaving your house if you go by these recommendations.

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